CARiNG Pharmacy posts RM129.35m in revenue due to ‘aggressive’ promotional campaign

CARiNG Pharmacy Group has posted a revenue of RM129.35 million for the fourth quarter of its financial year ended 31 May 2018 (Q4 18). This was compared to RM119.50 million from the same period last year.

According to its recent financial statement, the higher revenue was mainly contributed by the higher sales generated from existing outlets. This was due to an “aggressive and extensive” promotional campaign launched during Q4-2018. It also established an outlet during the quarter, bringing the total number of pharmacies to 115.

The group expects the operating environment to remain highly competitive and will continue to enhance operating efficiency, as well as focus on improving the marketing strategies. This is in a bid to safeguard the group’s revenue and profitability. The financial statement added that its board of directors remains optimistic that the group will continue to be profitable in the next quarter.

A+M has reached out to CARiNG for additional information.

In March this year, the pharmacy relaunched its loyalty programme via a mobile app, featuring an “elaborate” customer experience management programme. The new loyalty programme streamlines all channels – in-store, e-commerce and mobile – in a bid to offer consumers a seamless and convenient experience of interacting with the brand.

Loo Jooi Leng, marketing director, told A+M then that CARiNG has a current member base of approximately 460,000, and foresees a growth in new sign ups following the loyalty programme re-launch. CARiNG’s loyalty programme first launched in 2006, rewarding consumers with third-party loyalty points. However, the company decided to end the collaboration and wanted to explore and launch a revamped programme that will multiply the impact of a good customer experience, he said.

“The app is more than just a digital membership card. New users are given a membership for a lifetime and are rewarded with 200 welcome points that they can accumulate, and later be used to redeem CARiNG cash vouchers,” Loo said.

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