Carlsberg’s latest marketing ploy will pay you SG$20,000 for four hours of drinking

Carlsberg has brought back its “Probably The Best Job In The World” campaign, this time with larger stakes. For just four hours of work which consists of drinking beer, one lucky “job applicant” will be awarded a salary of SG$20,000, double that of last year’s campaign.

The campaign launched last year and saw social media manager Daniel Osgodby taking home the job, winning SG$10,000 for four hours of work enjoying pints of Carlsberg’s beer.

“Whatever Carlsberg does, we strive to do better. While the exhilarating job of a beer taster remains the same this year, the successful applicant will earn $20,000, which is double the salary offered last year – simply to enjoy ‘Probably the best beer in the world’,” Jimmy Toh, general manager of Carlsberg Singapore, said.

“We are looking for the best candidate that exemplifies this spirit, and demonstrates passion for the Carlsberg brand to bag this unique job opportunity,” he added.

Interested “candidates” for the job are told to make an application on the brand’s microsite touting the campaign, with only those aged 18 and above being qualified to apply. Online registration opened on 21 November and closes on 4 December. Selected finalists will be notified to attend a simple job interview on the afternoon of 15 December 2016.

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