Children’s publication EYEYAH! secures Singapore distribution

EYEYAH! has launched in Singapore through distributor AllScript. The publication, which aims to be a visual platform and publication which uses art and design to teach children about social issues, is also available in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK and Germany.

The publication is completely advertising-free, but company is open to working with brands and institutions looking to be aligned with education and creativity. The release of each issue is supported by exhibitions, events and a series of fashion apparel featuring the artworks. As the publication is still in its early stages, there are currently no plans for auditing circulation numbers.

The frequency of the magazine is three times a year, engaging 40 illustrators and graphic designers from around the world to create an artwork inspired by a specific social issue. Founded by advertising veterans who are also parents, the publication is aimed at eight to 12-year-old children.

It has also been adapted into worksheets that are being used by primary and secondary school children across schools in Singapore through education partner Kingmaker Consultancy. According to a statement, the plan is to make the worksheets available to teachers world-wide as a free resource. As such, for every issue of EYEYAH! being sold, a free copy is given to a school.

“We were discussing the lack of creativity in the education system, and what we could do to address it. We both come from advertising backgrounds and understand the need for creativity in everyone, not just the creative industry. The world is changing and we believe it’s a skill children will need to survive and solve problems,” Tanya Wilson, co-founder and marketing director, said.

“Kids are visual learners and naturally see the world in a different way to convention. We believe artists, illustrators and designers are capable of nurturing this ability,” Steve Lawler, co-founder and creative director, added.

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