Chow Tai Fook attracts young bridal couples with heartwarming video

Local jeweller Chow Tai Fook has launched a heartwarming video ad campaign titled “One Life. One Love: Proposal episode” (一生一愛《求婚篇》).

The campaign was meant to be a thought-provoking one that stimulates couples at every stage of their marriage in pondering the true meaning of love, reinstating the importance of commitment in marriage. Each chapter has a lot of common ground about relationships that couples could resonate with – from the proposal, to the marriage and to the anniversary.

The first chapter focuses on the story of love at the proposal stage, redefining the term “soul mate” as not the person who fulfills all the requirements on the checklist, but the one that gives you the freedom to become a better person.

The jeweller also introduces a “wedding gift card” in the video to highlight its feature to bridal couples’ save time and money in wedding planning.

Featuring actress Elva Ni and local band RubberBand’s lead vocalist 6 Ho, Chow Tai Fook collaborates with them to strike a chord with the younger generation by leveraging on social media platform.

To cater the important moment in a relationship, the 88-year-old brand strives for excellence in the bridal collections that matches nowadays customers’s needs.

The mini-film looks to inspire people not only to cherish their loved ones, but also be frank to themselves in pursuit of their “soul mate”.

Desmond So, CEO of Uth Creative Group said, “The campaign embraces an unconventional approach to engage the younger segment, an online mini-film campaign serves as a suitable medium for emotional engagement, with its unique ability to deliver in-depth with breadth storyline building.”


Client – Chow Tai Fook
Deputy head of marketing and PR: Angela Wong
Marketing manager: Rico So
Senior marketing officer: Charmaine Leung

Agency – Uth Creative Group Limited
Chief executive officer: Desmond So
Associate creative director: Benny Yau
Senior art director: Joy Wong
Senior copywriter: Yan Yeung
Account director: Maggie Yuen
Account manager: Stella Fung
Senior account executive: Isabelle Wu

Film Production
Director: Mo Chan (Yamanyamo)
Production: Yamanyamo Co. Ltd.
Art director: Wy Chan (Yamanyamo)
Line producer: Gu (Yamanyamo)
Production manager: Shay Chow (Yamanyamo)
Director of photography: A Kai @ Xex
Post-production: Seesaw Post Production
Editor: Saikei (Seesaw Post Production)
Assistant Editor: Patrick (Seesaw Post Production)
Visual Fx: Wing (Seesaw Post Production)
Sound effects and mixing: Gary (Giggle Music)

Making-of Photographer
Photography company: Samagana
Photographer: The Buffacow

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