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Marketing’s eCommerce judge L’Oréal marketing director Chi Truong on ‘masstige’ segment

L’Oréal marketing director Chi Truong (pictured) has proven her passion and acumen in marketing by contributing to the consistent high growth of the business in Vietnam. Having been in the position for nearly two years, she has been building the brand and leading the ecosystem of makeup to build cross-functional expertise for the success of L’Oreal consumer brands in Vietnam. She also manages and develops the full makeup portfolio to capture consumers and channel shifts in Vietnam, ensuring synergy across all resources to accelerate the business growth.

Prior to L’Oreal, Truong led power brands such as Nescafe, Milo, Kotex, Samsung and has 14 years of experience in different industries spanning from FMCG and retail to eCommerce. Truong, who is one of the judges at Asia eCommerce Awards, shares her observations and predictions about the fast-changing eCommerce landscape.

Marketing: What is your perspective of the eCommerce industry?

Truong: No one can deny the huge growth and impact of eCommerce globally and for Asia, with connectivity and digital development is exploding, it is no surprise that the fastest growing eCommerce markets are located here. With continued technological innovation eCommerce growth is set to outpace traditional formats for years to come.

ECommerce will be very dynamic with the joining of more players, competing with each other and aiming to gain better of market share. Around the globe, the number of consumers who are connected and making online purchases will continue to multiply every year as newly connected consumers enter the online retail environment.

Marketing: How have you witnessed the eCommerce industry evolve over the past few years?

Truong: The core need to become more and more efficiency in life from every consumer is the critical determinant in driving eCommerce’s growth. Years before, there was higher penetration in only categories such as travel and fashion, but as consumers became more familiar and confident, and retail offering improved, they start to buy online in different categories such as beauty, infant products and groceries. This trend has happened most likely in many different countries.

Today, we see the dynamic of eCommerce happen not just in masstige segment but also for prestige.

Consumers, especially Millennials, are more and more willing to purchase online, even for luxury brands and with the bulk of users spending most of their time on mobile phone, more and more eCommerce players become a mobile first platform.

Marketing: What comes to mind when you think of eCommerce excellence?

Truong: We can call eCommerce excellence when we offer the most of consumer’s experience, meaning consumers get the best in their purchase journey. With convenience as one of the primary motivators for connected commerce, shoppers are looking for a frictionless experience which saves time, reduces obstacles and is enjoyable.

Marketing: What qualities will you be looking out for in the entries for Marketing’s eCommerce awards?

Truong: I am looking for entries that can delivers on the various and varied local consumer preferences and can solve consumer’s convenience aspirations.

Marketing: Why do you think recognising eCommerce players is important to the industry?

Truong: ECommerce is the booming channel and comparing to many other channels it is new still. Showcase of eCommerce best practice will inspire the marketer community and help each other to share and learn.

Marketing: Where do you think eCommerce will be in five years?

Truong: Weight contribution of eCommerce will be further increasing and continue to take more share in retail sales in the future.

Mobile will be more and more important, meaning there will be more retail apps, more cross platform integrations and more personalisation.

Consumer experience is extremely critical. Virtual reality will be brought to higher level which allows online shoppers to hold and admire the products in their hands before making a purchase from their device.

Lastly but most importantly, today’s world and its future are built on data. Cross-device identification will lets eCommerce players stitch together various data points to understand who consumers are and what they really want at the end consumers will be served better.

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