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Listen up! Radio is still a winner

This post is sponsored by Astro.

This World Radio Day 2020, one may wonder about the relevance of radio in an increasingly digital world, and if there is room for this trusted medium with consumers increasingly on the go.

In Malaysia we have seen an increase in radio listeners to over 20.6 million, reinforcing that radio continues to cement its place in the daily lives of Malaysians. Despite this growth in listenership, there is no denying that just like any other business, radio must continue to create, evolve and be relevant.

As part of this evolution, Astro Radio and its 11 radio brands have taken into account the increasing amount of time Malaysians spend on their mobile devices, and their exposure to more than 10,000 pieces of content daily.

Acknowledging the crucial need to be a differentiator, and for an enhanced mobile experience, Astro Radio launched SYOK, Malaysia’s multilingual entertainment and lifestyle platform, in mid-2019, offering Malaysians live radio, original videos, exclusive podcasts, articles and contests. The SYOK app has been on an exciting upward trajectory of growth entering 2020 with more than a quarter of a million monthly average users. 

Daphne Lourdes, Astro Radio’s general manager of digital and marketing (pictured above), said: “Astro Radio continues to grow its listenership to 17.3 million weekly listeners nationwide. We aim to continue extending our reach and deepening our engagement through SYOK.

“Through the various SYOK content pillars, we are excited to offer new advertising and sponsorship opportunities for our partners to engage with their audiences. Last year, PEPSI’s Ramadhan balik kampung campaign on SYOK reached an estimated 5.8 million listeners and received an impressive 23,000 entries, and our SYOK x Honda giveaway campaign garnered over 18,000 entries.”

Podcasts deliver strong engagement as they dig deeper into specific topics and are ideal for connecting with consumers that have a particular interest when they are fully absorbed in the subject.

She further added: “Podcasting is growing quickly and we believe that SYOKcast – our exclusive podcasts with over 100 different topics of interest, including Mama Drama, Comic Issues, Gender Bender, Geek Bit, and Borak Borak Kosong – will offer advertisers a more powerful brand journey.”

SYOK leverages on its familiar and popular talent line-up, as well as its extensive reach online, on social media and on-ground. SYOK users get to stream all 25 Astro Radio brands with high-quality audio while on the go, which gives advertisers and brands access to a greater number of consumer eyeballs and ears as users browse through and switch between these streams. 

With a comprehensive and strategic use of various mediums, radio has proven to reach the highest social media engagement in comparison with TV, newspapers and magazines. Businesses can also optimise their campaigns or leverage exclusively on this reach for multi-platforms and branded content.

With an increase in its digital footprint, Astro Radio now has a social media following of 19.5 million, weekly social media reach of 35.4 million, 110 million average monthly video views, 13.8 million monthly digital streams, and monthly website unique visitors of 5.1 million. 

While live radio and music offers extensive reach, social media can bridge that reach with strong engagement to target consumers.

Campaigns such as the ‘RAAGA Dare 2.0 (RAAGAvil Maatividalama 2.0)’ which received 633,000 video views; the ‘GOXUAN Dirty Talk Season 2’ with 1.5 million views; ‘Personaliti Top ERA Milo’ with over 48,300 Facebook live views; ‘ZAYAN Hijabstar’ with more than 17,400 Facebook live views; ‘Trust Me Bro – Ean and Arnold Haunted House Adventure (Hauntu)’ which received 97,000 Facebook views; ‘#LITELiving: Living with HIV’ that garnered 68,000 Facebook views; and ‘#MIXEverydayHeroes’ with more than 25,000 Facebook views have deepened clients’ engagement with their consumers.

Radio today is interactive and social, and has transcended from a pure audio experience to one that is multi-faceted and on multiple platforms. As such, content is now curated and created to ensure it resonates with all segments of the Malaysian population, so businesses can engage deeper with their target market with a 360 experience.