HKBN helps Hong Kong care home residents with free mobile data to counter coronavirus isolation

The ongoing threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has left many of Hong Kong’s elderly and disabled care home residents feeling isolated. To help address this, HKBN Group (“HKBN”) has announced that it will be providing several care homes with free unlimited local mobile data and smartphones.

Five residential care homes – serving around 500 disabled people and seniors – operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong (ELCHK) are being given access to the service.

ELCHK service director (elderly service), Chi-sing Ng said, “Five of our residential care homes for the elderly and persons with disabilities have had to suspend visitations due to the coronavirus threat. This lack of contact is detrimental to our patients’ physical and mental health, worrying their loved ones as well. HKBN has generously provided phones, mobile data SIMs and technical support for video calls, so our residents can find comfort through connecting with their family and friends.”

It’s hoped that empowering care home residents with the ability to make video calls with family and friends will help to keep their spirits up during this trying time.

HKBN co-owner and chief talent and purpose officer, CY Chan said, “During this difficult period, HKBN continues to uphold the role of a responsible and reliable integrated telecom and technology solutions provider. We are proud to extend our resources and leverage our know-how and technology to do the right thing for the elderly and those with disabilities. We hope that more companies can make use of their expertise to alleviate the needs of different social groups.”

This is the latest in a series of honestly impressive corporate social responsibility moves from HKBN in recent days. Last week the company announced it would be providing free extended access to its remote working tools to clients. Other brands have taken the initiative by making large donations towards mask production or creating emergency teams to handle the urgent need for supplies. Regardless of whether these actions were motivated by the want of some positive ink or because of an actual philanthropic urge, any brand doing their bit is likely to get a thumbs up from the public, and us as well. 

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