Honor 6 tries to enter global scene in new campaign

Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong has rolled out a global campaign for the Honor 6 smartphone to break onto the global smartphone scene.

Titled “For the Brave”, the campaign includes a series of three short, documentary-style films, three print visuals and two product visuals. It aims to celebrate individuality and strength of mind and people who believe in paving their own way in life.

The visuals feature three people who have given up unfulfilling jobs to live their passion and follow their dreams.

In contrast to smartphone brands that put their devices on a pedestal and sell in a brick and mortar store and actively lecture fans to follow, Honor hopes to change the landscape and break the norm of a one-way relationship between brand and follower.

Reed Collins, chief creative officer, Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong, said: “We are targeting a highly savvy person, who always have their devices on hand.”

“It serves a large part of their lives. Our campaign reflects the character and individuality of a new generation of consumers that want to see action, not ads. These are people unafraid of buying products unknown to them because as the line reads – Honor is for the brave.”

Honor’s innovative ‘consumer-to-business’ model puts customers at the heart of business model exerting strong influence to the brand and products.

Honor is not launching with flashy TV ads but will let fan reviews do the talking. Instead of spending on shiny flagship stores, it will deliver values directly to fans via Amazon. Honor focuses on designing the best quality products matching its customers’ needs, building the right eco-systems to give amazing experiences.

Chief creative officer: Reed Collins
Associate creative director: Richard Sorensen
Senior art director: Raluca Stroe
Business director: Jeff Leong
Account director: Candace Tan
Account manager: Crystal Choi
Planner: Eva Augustyn
Producer: Jacqueline Ho
Director : Stephan Wever
Production house : B-Reel UK
Music production : Music Amsterdam

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