Japan’s MicroAd ad exchange platform launched in PH

MicroAd, a Japanese ad exchange platform, has opened an office in the Philippines to facilitate bidded buying and selling of online media advertising inventory in the country.

The company has been running since 2007 and offers two proprietary services, a demand-side platform (DSP) called MicroAd Blade for advertisers and a supply-side platform (SSP) called MicroAd Funnel for publishers.

MicroAdSEA Philippines will be led by Kosuke Sogo, CEO at MicroAd Vietnam and  COO at MicroAdSEA. Headquarted in Makati, the company will have a starting capital of P 9,200,000 and will be led by

“The Internet Advertising market of the Philippines is growing due to the Advertising cost ratio to GDP being 2.26% (2011) in the Philippines. This is the highest number in the world,” said Kentaro Watanabe, CEO of MicroAd Singapore.

“MicroAdSEA Philippines will strive for significant expansion of MicroAd Blade in the Philippines and we aim for more than 200 Advertisers by December 2014.”

In a statement, the company will initially focus on MicroAd Blade, which has amassed more than 5,000 advertisers in Japan and 500 advertisers in APAC. . It is offered in Japanese, English and Chinese languages and supports Japanese Yen, US Dollars and Chinese Yuan as currencies since October 2012.

MicroAd Group has already launched its regional subsidiary companies in the APAC region, including China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and India.

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