Louis Vuitton for the win

On the City front page of today’s South China Morning Post is Kim Jong-un chatting on his phone in front of the Louis Vuitton in Tsim Sha Tsui.

No, to my (and maybe your) dismay, the French luxury brand is not doing a collaboration with the Korean dictator.

The look-alike – who turned out to be a 34-year old Hong Kong – based Australian drummer known as Howard – just happened to be standing in front of the brand in his new look when the reporter snapped the shot.

Ironically, however, the coverage coincides with a front page Dior banner, which, according to SCMP’s rate card, costs HK$118,440, and on the same page as the imposter, a Shanghai Tang ad that cost HK$37,190.

But in the eyeball battle between “Kim Jong-un” versus bracelets and Christmas gifts? The winner is obvious.

And whether the Louis Vuitton wants to be associated with the dictator or not, at least its brand – along with the new spring/summer 2014 new shoes in the display cabinet – got free media for, well, doing absolutely nothing.

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