Marrybrown fusses about being left out by Pizza ‘Heart’ while BK and KFC play along

Shortly after Pizza Hut Malaysia sent out “love” notes to “rivals” Burger King, McD, KFC and Domino’s, along with its new heart-shaped pizza Pizza Heart, Marrybrown Malaysia responded with a Facebook post sounding slightly disappointed that it got left out from all the fun.

“Hmm, it seems that we did not get any heart from the cheeky peeps at Pijahat (Pizza Hut). But that’s okay because Maribaun will always have lots of crispy chicken to serve everyone! We heart you,” it said. The fast food chain also teased Pizza Hut, adding: “Dear Pijahat, sometimes it’s good to give #SomethingDifferent a try.”

The love notes were sent to rival brands as part of Pizza Hut’s campaign to encourage Malaysians, whether friends or foes, to give love a chance. CMO Jean Ler told A+M previously that it wanted to make Pizza Heart relevant and meaningful to consumers, instead of having it be just another pizza they can enjoy. The Pizza Hearts were also sent to its competitors out of respect and love for them, Ler added.

In response to the move, Burger King seemed upset that the love notes were not exclusive. “Thanks for the Pizza Heart. But we heard you sent it to others too. ”

Burger King also threw in a pun in its response on Instagram:”Thought you wanted to Mek-dis exclusive. We don’t just want a piz’za your heart, we want it all.” It then signed off as “A Romantic King”.


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Domino’s also joined Pizza Hut in spreading love to all pizza lovers out there. “Your Pizza Heart was kinda cheesy but thank goodness we like all these cheesy!” the brand said.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut’s playful attempt at converting KFC to a pizza lover saw KFC responding with: “Thanks for the love but I can’t live without my 11 herbs and spices.” It also posted a screenshot on Twitter declaring that it was in a relationship with 11 herbs and spices.

In addition to the new heart-shaped pizza, Pizza Hut also introduced a fictional love consultant named Jiwang Jeff who will help solve all relationship problems with love. Have a boyfriend who does not answer calls? Fret not, Jiwang Jeff says there is no need to break up with him nor break down. Instead, go for a pizza break!

Pizza Hut’s Ler explained to A+M that Jiwang Jeff was introduced as a personification of Pizza Heart, who believes that anything is possible with the power of love.

“Jiwang Jeff is a creation in collaboration with our social media agency, Fishermen Integrated, to effectively help us engage with the young audiences on social platforms. We understand that young audiences frequently deal with relationship matters, which at times can be quite daunting,” she said. Therefore, it is the perfect space that Pizza Hut could lend a hand on.

According to Ler, Jiwang Jeff will be interacting with Pizza Hut fans, helping them solve their relationship concerns, and ultimately inspire Malaysians to give love a chance, once more. She added that the company is also delighted to receive warm, loving gestures from its fellow industry players who they have much respect and love for.

“Together we are all here to serve Malaysians, from the simple basic role of filling up hungry tummies, to putting on smiles, even during dullest moments. With that, we are very glad and happy that our competitors have since stepped forward to spread this message of love together with us, on this special day. For that, we thank them from the bottom of our Hut,” she added.

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