Ocean Park helps find true love

Last year, a man took his girlfriend to one of the restaurants in Ocean Park; he had asked the kitchen to prepare a small gift for every one of the six courses he had planned for their dinner.

While she was thankful for each one – whether it be small jewelleries or plush toys – the piece de resistance was at the dessert: a wedding ring.

In 2012, Ocean Park saw 40-plus proposals – and these are only ones where the groom-to-be notified the staff at the venues. So to tap this market, the amusement park thought of giving out certificates to couples who underwent successful proposals; the pair will also receive discounts on the forthcoming wedding party and anniversary celebrations on its F&B and retail outlets.

“Ocean Park is a very romantic, memorable place for a lot of people,” said Ocean Park public affairs director Una Lau. “And we want to extend our offer to couples who have proposed here because they will come back for future celebrations and what not.”

But for those who have yet to find a better half, Ocean Park has something else up its sleeve: speed dating.

It has partnered up with a speed dating company – which has yet to be disclosed – to invite 100 men and women aged 20 to 40 to a meet-and-greet session on the cable car.

Each 10-minute ride will fit three pairs, and couples that strike the right chord can participate in games to win a hefty prize.

Further details will be released later in the week.

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