WATCH Pernod Ricard Malaysia turns used glass bottles into lighting for needy

Pernod Ricard Malaysia is campaigning to illuminate the homes of the needy by collecting used glass bottles and upcycling them into solar powered light sources called Brightboxes as part of its campaign called Bottled Hope.

Glass recycling, which involves separating, crushing and melting down discarded glass, is a more labour intensive and less cost efficient process compared with the recycling of metals like tin and aluminium, and recycleable plastics. Upcycling, on the other hand, converts waste materials into new products without the need to recycle, said the company.

Here’s a look at how to make Brightboxes:

These will be used to light the houses of the underprivileged, such as the Orang Asli and families in rural areas.

Biji-Biji, a Malaysian initiative that champions sustainable living through the use of green technologies and creative waste management methods, designed the Brightbox for PRM’s Bottled Hope initiative. Constructed on a rubberwood frame and illuminated by an energy efficient LED light, each solar-powered Brightbox is produced at a cost of RM350 per unit and has the capacity to shine for 12 hours between charges. Pernod Ricard Malaysia and its partners in the project, Biji-Biji and Yayasan Nanyang Press are targeting to distribute 1,000 Brightboxes this year.

“By celebrating the potential contained in a single, empty glass bottle, Pernod Ricard Malaysia hopes to inspire individuals to reconsider their own recycling habits. After all, by giving used glass bottles a second chance, we’re offering all communities hope for a brighter future,” said managing director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia, Terence Ong.

The move was conceptualised by Pernod Ricard’s creative agency GOVT.

A run was held as well, on 7 June, with 1,000 runners invited to run at Padang Merbok and to learn how to create their own Brightboxes through a workshop session.

All proceeds collected from the run and from the purchase of food and drinks are donated to the creation of more Brightboxes.

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