The CareVoice announces expansion of “Care” insurance portfolio in Hong Kong

The CareVoice has announced that it is expanding its “Care” insurance portfolio in Hong Kong.

The Shanghai-based international health insurtech company, which was set up in late 2018,  has already partnered with five insurers and created half a dozen products for the Care portfolio. It recently launched in Hong Kong under a partnership with Generali for StartupCare, a health benefits solution aimed at startups. Its next big launch will be a product targeting sports enthusiasts, SportCare, and will involve a major Hong Kong insurance player.

David Fontaine, chief insurance officer at Generali Hong Kong, said, “At Generali, we are committed to shaping a safer future by caring for the lives and dreams of Hong Kong people, and therefore we are thrilled to partner with StartupCare to launch this very innovative group medical insurance. It is truly comprehensive, simple, cost-effective and avoids hidden surprises for our policyholders.”

The CareVoice has collaborated with insurers to create and launch several Care portfolio insurance products which incorporate unique features. These include a heart-rate based activity tracking program and a smart healthcare provider navigation service that covers a combined network of over 8,000 healthcare professionals and institutions. Currently, it has served nearly 200 startup and SME customers.

Jan Velich, chief business officer and co-founder at the CareVoice, said, “Consumer attitude in buying insurance has turned more and more from passive to proactive. When it comes to creating products, it’s no longer just about competing prices, it’s about approaching customers from unique angles to educate, appeal, and convince. We are lucky to be working with amazing insurer partners to deliver our “Care” products with novel value propositions. After our first two partnered products in Hong Kong, it feels like the right time to accelerate and expand our “Care” family in Asia’s biggest private insurance market that is saturated yet still well-positioned for innovations.”

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