Tony Fernandes apologises for AirAsia’s mishandling of bicycles following viral video

AirAsia’s group CEO Tony Fernandes (pictured) has apologised for the mishandling of bicycles that took place recently on a flight back to Malaysia from Taiwan.

The issue arose when a Facebook user first posted a video – which has since been removed – of airport staff tossing two bicycle storage bags with the “Fragile” sticker on the ground, as well as a luggage onto the airport luggage truck. Lim, who flew back from Ironman Taitung 70.3, said there were 10 bicycles on the flight. Another netizen who was also on the same flight posted on Facebook that the mishandling of bicycles by AirAsia had damaged her bicycle.

In response, Fernandes posted an apology on Facebook, stating that the company takes “full responsibility” and that he is “really disappointed”. He added that AirAsia currently has a joint venture with a ground handling company named GTR.

According to Fernandes, AirAsia’s CEO Riad Asmat who is a cyclist himself, will be in touch with Lim and ensure there is no damage. “If we make a mistake, we stand up and take the heat. We will get better. Apologies,” Fernandes said.

In a separate Facebook video captioned “We are sorry. Bikes are for riding, not throwing. Here’s our CEO’s promise to you.”, CEO Riad Asmat also apologised to the cyclists affected, saying that he was “pretty disturbed” when he saw the actions of the ramp staff.

He assured that AirAsia is looking into this matter “very seriously” and that “stern action” will be taken accordingly. As a gesture of goodwill, he said that AirAsia has also waived all fees regarding bicycle transportation.

Netizens’ reactions were mixed, with some commending AirAsia for taking action swiftly and apologising. Meanwhile, some commented that action should be taken by AirAsia to ensure that all baggage, not just bicycles, are properly handled in future.

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